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2016-10-18Lost Labyrinth Version 5.3.1
- japanese translation
- made game track time actually spent playing
- made staff piece win active button in inventory (so one can climb on for higher score)
- made throwing accessable via quickbar
- allowed throwing of stones and steel balls
- added effect icon for fighting unarmed
- removed "immune to" messages from monsters off screen
- refined fade out in light circle drawing
- fixed double flaw deselection bug
- made projectile animation speed depend on distance
- increased visible map area in map view
- made cauldron and grimoire show if used already by disabling "use" menu
- added +- as additional hotkeys for quickbar row switch
- added option settings to allow tweaking game difficulty
- fixed local highscore bug
- fixed robes' effects
- fixed crashbug with arcane writing & empty spell list
- fixed archipelago
- fixed robe "breath of winter"
- fixed firedemon exit
- fixed gambler music bug
- fixed weapon throwing bug
- deactivated monster dodge if blind,sleeping or invisible player
- fixed overpowered "witch sight" spell
- star money places gold in a radius around player instead of all over the level
- reduced monster spawn rate
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2015-07-24Lost Labyrinth Version 5.3.0
Loads of tweaks, balancing and bugfixes (new highscore version!)

- russian translation
- added specific sounds to fumbling
- new weapons: hammer of peltier, spear of density
- new/improved curse icons
- added persistent versions of mechanical traps to use at deeper levels
- allowed to get out from monarch rooms via sneaking
- added vampire natural batshape ability
- added cast success reduction as alternative botch effect
- waterskin weight change depending on water amount
- allowed burning through spider webs using torches and candles
- sorted duration spell display by time left
- let number flash in alarm for spells ending soon
- added perma mana drain trap
- changed weapon value calculation to be purely formula derived
- grey-out fighting style icons depending on weapon type

- music looping for all mods
- removed collision of gfx options with displayed old Messages
- tweaked item amount number position
- fixed re-casting shape shift spells
- fixed insect swarm
- fixed fishing rod
- fixed fumble animation
- fixed helpful wizard
- fixed bug causing a small trader to spawn in every level
- fixed unmarked graves in archipelago
- place some passage blockers (boulders,doors) on side passages
- repaired room meta data destroyed by room editor
- set cast limit for alternative timeline
- made alternate timeline keep the number of nexus/sanctum charges
- fixed spelunker + akolyth tile detection
- stopped damage and kill messages from off screen monsters
- added missing magic resistance check to genocide and blow away
- stopped load game crashing in case a monster can\'t spawn
- made triggers follow monsters moved by player spells
- fixed broken repair cost display
- made \"swiftblade\" work only if normal attack did connect as description claims
- fixed fire rune trap
- made creatures winning the game register for their owner instead
- fixed \"whirling blade\" giving extra attack and \"swiftblade\" doing nothing
- stopped \"haste\" spell granting two additional attacks instead of one
- made \"haste\",\"swiftblade\" and \"fast attack\" all work idependently -> up to 3 extra
- fixed genocide not looping over all levels
- stopped monsterlore screen showing undetected traps
- fixed levelmod \"illusionary walls\"
- fixed archery weapon/ammo enchantment
- fixed endless loop bug in random item generation
- made tutorial text bubbles scale height with text length

- allowed items/spells to raise attributes over the natural max.
- spread weapons more over the levels and scaled their damage accordingly
- made charge attack and lame exclusive
- stopped sorcery working for scroll lore + free magic
- moved stone-& deathgaze monsters to deeper levels
- buffed earth sense with stone gaze immunity
- buffed monster sense with death gaze immunity
- buffed trap lore skill with +detection and +max. detection
- reduced waterskin to 5 sips
- made weapon grandmaster ignore weight of weapons
- made secret doors immune to disintegration
- made drunk players get sneaking penalty
- let fire mages get 1 mana back with 50% chance
- mark trapdoors as detected once sombody fell through
- made level mod \"no teleport\" block \"vanish\" and \"dimensional swap\"
- spell school balance: moved \"vanish\" to star and \"open\" to witch
- made ranged attacks alert monsters too
- nerfed true sight to only provide wall penetrating sight
- buffed night vision skill to give full view - but not through walls
- made Scroll Lore+Free Magic rise only 1% steps but start at 50% too
- spelunker now can see the exit on the map too
- split curse of vexx effects into 2 separate curses vexx/hex
- made lore effects work for archery too
- changed might spell to only add power instead of doubling
- made nailpit damage scale (slowly) with level
- made shield spell reduction come before other reductions/resistances
2014-06-15Lost Labyrinth Version 5.2.1
This is another bugfix release.

- implemented manual looping for module music
- added sound for summoned items vanishing
- sped up credits screen using sprites

- fixed lamp oil crash
- fixed fumble logic
- fixed plant lore not working
- fixed mage lord skill not working
- added missing checksum updates
- made laby actually use the local settings.txt
- fixed spell duration multiplayer
- fixed mask of perception variable effect
- fixed turn skip bug on game start
- fixed 64/32 bit message in error handler

- made harmful tiles hurt when standing on them too
- improved sleeping powder
- reduced cost of weapon grandmastery to 4 CP
2014-03-31Lost Labyrinth Version 5.2.0
This is a bugfix release.
Thanks to all users that reported bugs (there were some nasty ones!)

- new monster ability \"see invisible\"
- new items: clover, antimagic sphere
- new masks: vision, purify and steel

- fixed ring mastery crash
- made semi transparency effect for invisibility work
- made poverty gold reduction really work
- fixed \"clumsy\" flaw
- unified behaviour of invisibility: now all melee/ranged attacks and spells disrupt the effect for the same turn
- fixed crash from whirlwind attack
- made elemental enchantments add damage instead of dividing
- fixed \"hall of illusion\" having no teleporters
- fixed counterspell not ending properly
- fixed arrow crafting
- fixed mushrooms blocking sanktum for unobservant players
- stopped arrows and spells going through doors and boulders
- fixed negative cost trainers

- nerfed syphon spell to 1/4 reduction
- made first aid work with \"no magic\" flaw
- made mystic attack work on \"invulnerable\" monsters again
- made counterspell success depend on power vs. monsterlevel
- reduced free magic /scroll lore to +2 success gain
- increased cost for arcane power and free magic
- made Illusion and Invisibility effects exclusive
- made alarm trap spawn ambush from non ambush types too
- reduced merchant skill to once every 8 levels but non random
- made waterskin appear only rarely in trader items
- gave 2 waterskins as start equip so trader is not required
- made trapdoors increase damage and item breaking with level
- made trapdoors destroy other items besides potions after level 50
- made fighting styles work for melee only
- allowed dodge skill to dodge trap projectiles
- reduced drunken staggering to 30% and 5% for drunken masters
2013-10-26There has been an error in the release for the windows extended version.
We fixed it and reuploaded it.
Please download it again.
2013-10-16Lost Labyrinth Version 5.0.0
- permadeath mode
- improved skill selection screen
- new skill: Parry (dodge bonus in melee = melee attack/2, double bonus with a Shield equipped)
- new skill: Drunken Master (gain bonuses and heal from alcohol, starts with alcohol and can create alcohol from certain food)
- new skill: Weapons Grandmastery
- tab key can now be used to switch between characters without ending turns
- new Earth Magic spell: Stone to Flesh (remove petrification)
- new Star Magic spell: Aurora (1 round true light and blinds monsters)
- new Time Magic spell: Etheralness (allows to walk through walls)
- new Star Magic spell: star money (creates some piles of money)
- fighting style icons
- auto-fill quickbar slots with available skills
- new curse: Mana Burn
- display message whenever the player takes damage (along with amount, source of damage and damage type)
- display hit chance when missing
- charmed monsters will now attack other non-charmed monsters
- new monster trait: Blind Immunity
- 7 new extended version monsters
- new trap: Alarm Trap (alerts monsters and triggers an ambush)
- new trap: Net Trap
- 3 new alcoholic beverages: Cider, Mead and Brandy
- new room: lava lake
- solved 2 monitor problem on windows
- fixed Leylines and First Aid working double
- fixed Break Boulder spell not working
- petrified players are now still a part of the game (they no longer disappear)
- changed Weak Fingers into Clumsy (-2 CP, no ranged weapons and max dexterity is 10)
- made whirlwind attack hit all 8 squares around player
- all Plant monsters are now immune to blindness
- made spell success rate grow only 1% for scroll+free magic
- made shapeshifting spells change actual HP at start/end
- introduced new banish resistance value
- limit scroll lore to one spell per circle
2012-11-20Lost Labyrinth Version 4.9.0
The game now uses opengl as graphics mode
(In some cases this might cause problems in fullscreen mode)
New compiler gets rid of a lot of issues we had in older versions

- chinese version (special thanks to red wolf for the translation!)
- new icons for negative effects
- player to player trade screen
- better language selection screen
- button to hide the menu (more space for active spells)
- new option to disable screen flashes when player gets hurt
- grey out spells in quickbar if ususable (mana cost, cast limit)

- fixed various spells not working properly on the edges of the map
- fixed negative value items
- repaired old maze algorithm
- stopped extend spell extending effects from items
- added undead sub-type to most ghost monsters thus genocide won\'t work but exorcism will
- fixed a crash bug when using Caligraphy tools
- made genocide remove mimics properly
- fixed \"alternate timeline\" exploit
- fleeing monsters no longer run through closed doors, porticuluses or unexplored rooms
- crown of dragon use it\'s variable power rating

- Time Magic has been rebalanced
- Anchor Teleport has been completely reworked
- rebalanced enchanted arrows (no longer insanely valuable)
- made genocide spell stop working on angels, demons and constructs
- made hymn of death kill with only 50% chance
- gave animals like slugs, spiders and such immunity to spellsongs
- made break curse spell only reduce duration if caster is not white mage
- made cure poison spell only reduce amount if caster is not white mage
- made short sighted flaw still reduce radius with true light
- short sighted now also reduces max perception (changed CP)
- vampire nerf: outdoor debuff, blood = thirst, changed resistances
- prevented vampires eating food and mushrooms
- craft scroll can have critical success and failure now (success doubles scroll power)
- denied lore+god gain from ambush/backup and similar late spawed monsters
- fixed double bow equipping bug
- changed leylines into activated skill
- weakend song of life + regeneration spell
- adjusted number of runes and nail pits
2012-03-04Lost Labyrinth Version 4.8.2
This is another bugfix release
- tutorial for basic game
- new switch to prevent loading of modified rooms
(because with changed rooms highscores can\'t be uploaded)
- polish, hungarian and french translations updated

- Alchemy shows if a mixture would explode

- fixed potion mixing
- drag&drop to equip items in inventory fixed
- fixed second player showing outside playing area
- fixed pickaxe (did not break)
- fixed items in quickbar overwriting itemmenu
- fixed potion order / load problem
- bug in magic lamp fixed
- removed binary searches as they crashed the game sometimes
2012-02-25Lost Labyrinth Version 4.8.1
This is a bugfix release. We found some terrible bugs in last release.

- Tutorials. This hopefully makes the gamestart for new players a lot less painful
(In the future we will add more tutorials. We even want to create advanced ones with some gaming tips from the programmers :) )
- Reversed order of the speed sliders (right is faster now) and they have icons as well

- Improved french and made the button work
- Fixed trader to not pay when he has no more space
- Refined & fixed cartograph map
- Display book in selected language
- Fixed teleporters to always have a twin
- Fixed identify spell and merchant identifying scrolls
- Made potion mixing never have one of the ingedients as result
- Crafting scrolls fixed
- Stopped alchemy from producing potion of heros and divinity
- Fixed staffs (did always break)